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Updated 11-29-2005.
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Les petits chevaux

Click to view a better quality hardcopy (78 KB)
Click on the image to view a better quality hardcopy (78 KB)

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit

This game is an adaptation of the well known game of the little horses.

  • A Run-and-Catch game (simplified version of Pacheesi).
  • The only rule : leave the Paddock to reach heaven.
  • Don't be affraid of eliminating your opponents.
  • The computer could manage from 0 to 4 players.
  • Each player can be human, computer or none.
  • You could save the current game, and restore it later.
  • A Audio-CD player is integrated in the software.
  • The game is furnished with a big english online help.
  • Computer reflexion delay is fully parametrable.
  • Sound effects can be disabled.
  • Full screen game in 640*480, 800*600 or 1024*768 resolutions.
Version: 1.12
Language: English
System requirements:
  Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Millenium/XP
  640x480/800*600/1024*768 Full screen - 16M colors
  Windowed in higher resolutions.
Type of license: Shareware
License cost: 30 Euros (You can choose in more than 16 moneys).

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